Moderation Charter

The comment, publication and forum areas are open to you! You are welcome to ask your questions, exchange ideas and debate.

Here are the 10 commandments that govern them:

  1. Comments are polite, written with a certain care (spelling, typography, no misuse of capital letters). The savoir-vivre is necessary Insults, denigration, demeaning comparisons, etc. are prohibited. Similarly, if an Internet user believes that he or she has answered the question and you do not agree with the comment, please state your point of view politely.
  2. Giving an idea is good, but often not enough. Argue is better. It is about overcoming hasty judgment, especially if it is negative or aggressive, and proselytism. Expand your point!
  3. Suggesting links or other sources is interesting if and only if it answers a specific question from one of the forum's themes. The commentary accompanying the link or quotation must be supported to summarize its content and put it in perspective with the current debate. Links to personal sites to videos are accepted, after verification by our moderation team. Off-topic or advertising links will be deleted.
  4. "Obviously, the first feeling about this damage is disappointment for the entire crew. We were in a very good position: 2 the comments comply with the law . The most sensitive issues are insult and denigration, defamation (unproven accusation) and discrimination or racism. Other prohibited texts: incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence, comments of a pornographic, sexist, homophobic or revisionist nature and contrary to public order. Beware of harmful, threatening, harassing, vulgar, threatening remarks to the private life of others, hateful, animal comparisons and any other degrading remarks.
  5. Comments are not a space for classified ads, messages for surveys, contests, sales and/or advertising purposes. They are not intended to serve as an advertising or recruitment platform (paid or unpaid), regardless of the nature of the remuneration.
  6. The site is a media open to the general public, the Internet user must not disclose his personal details or those of a third party.
  7. It may happen that, for the sake of a good debate, we reserve the right not to publish any comment that they consider inappropriate for discussion.
  8. If you identify an out-of-court comment, use the "alert" function.
  9. Community members whose comments are relevant and interesting may be selected by the editorial staff and may be solicited to provide feedback.
  10. Please use the function Dealer search before creating a question to check if it has not already been asked. Otherwise, the administrator will be forced to move your message to the dedicated theme or delete your publication if the answer has already been given.

The Internet user is responsible for the comments he or she publishes. Any message that does not respect this Charter may be deleted. Internet users who violate this charter too regularly or too seriously will be temporarily or permanently excluded.