The advantages of the sailing licence?

The Sailing Licence issued by the French Sailing Federation speaks to everyone, but what does it really allow and what are its advantages? An update with Olivier Clermont, Communication Director of the FFVoile.

"The license is a membership that allows you to join the sailing family. It embodies the values of a sport and makes it possible to share them. The licence also allows you to develop your sport and your club, by being an actor and forcing the representativeness of the latter" explains Olivier Clermont.

The amount of the license will therefore allow the club, in which you subscribe, to develop its means and potential (professional trainers, technical means...).

" A strong club also contributes to local economic development. If it organizes a regatta, participants will have to find accommodation, food and they will do so in the club's city." Finally, being a member of a club allows you to get involved in preserving the local environment. " It is not mandatory, but it is recommended, since it has many advantages."

What are the advantages of the sailing licence?

A holder of a sailing licence benefits from concrete advantages:

  • The offers proposed by the club : group lessons, training, rentals, access to catering for clubs that have a restaurant, access to anchorage for clubs that have pontoons or anchorages.
  • Sports offers Club Annual Licence: The Club Annual Licence provides access to a calendar of events and a structured sports offer with referees and different types of events. " There are 6,000 events on the calendar in which almost all can participate, except those at the highest sporting level, which are by selection."
  • Access to training Some clubs have the necessary means to train those who wish to work in the nautical world. " It all depends on the level you want to have, to be an instructor or referee, you need a diploma."
  • Partner offers : The FFVoile develops offers with partners to offer preferential rates to licensees. "You can get a 10% discount on a yacht charter, 1 month free magazine subscription..."

One of the other advantages of the sailing licence, not to be underestimated, is the insurance.

Three license categories

The FFVoile offers 3 main categories of licences:

  • The Club License which costs 57 euros/year for adults and 28.50 euros/year for young people;
  • The Temporary license which allows you to participate in competitions. It costs 15 euros for the day and 29 euros for 4 days. "At this price, it is in your interest to switch to the annual."
  • The Sailing Passport which is a license for people who come to do internships in schools in the FFVoile network. "It does not give access to competitive practice, but only to sailing instruction, group lessons, private lessons..."

Joining a Club means paying for a global offer. "On average, the price of an internship is 250 euros. This price includes the license that corresponds to your activity - leisure or regatta - but also the price of the services offered by the Club. For example, when you pay 100 euros for an Optimist internship, you need to count 11 euros for a license, 20 euros for VAT and 70 euros for training (boat, maintenance, instructor...)."

Sailing licence, not just for sailing?

The Sailing license also allows you to participate in paddle or kayak activities when they are practiced within a Club. "Activities, or sailing, must be leisure activities, and sporting activity must be limited to the practice of sailing."

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