Collective sailboat, what's behind this name?

We often talk about collective sailing boats for models intended for clubs and capable of carrying a large crew. Definition.

For learning to sail, there is the dinghy. At a very young age, children board an Optimist and then grow up by changing support. So much for learning, but for discovery, it is also possible to sail on so-called "collective" sailboats.

These collective boats are not units that have several owners (co-ownership), but rather sailboats on which several people sail together.

For many, sailing seems unaffordable. How to get into the water and sail? Embarking on a collective unit is a good solution. The French Sailing Federation has understood this and is trying to motivate clubs to invest in this support. It is accessible and requested by all ages. Sharing the pleasure of being on the water, whether one is young or not so young, remains a satisfaction for all.

A good collective sailboat requires a few criteria, mainly based on the safety of the crew.


The yacht must be stable so that users who do not know or understand the basics of positioning on board can move around safely.


If there are a lot of people on board, you have to be able to get comfortable.

Work for all

In order to get team members involved, you have to give them work. That's why collective sails are often divided to offer more sheets to hold.

For the fun of it

If you want the mayonnaise to take, you have to have fun. So the boat has to be fun, moving forward, alive. Let's avoid the soapbox.

Below is a list of the boats that we call "collective":

Multimono - 7.50 m
Cape South (2 win) - 3.42 m
Caravelle (Atelier Composite de la Baie) - 4,63 m
Echo 90 (Atelier Composite de la Baie) - 9.15 m
Divatte (Boatique) - 4,65 m
Vagabond (Boatique) - 4,99 m
Week-End 16 L (Boatique) - 6,10 m
Week-End 18 Sport (Boatique) - 4,80 m
Mentor 2 (Chantier naval des Baux) - 5.52 m
Mentor Tradition (Chantier naval des Baux) - 8,95 m
Mini-Cha (CNA Distribution) - 8.85 m
Club 530 (FTM) - 5.35 m
Laser Bahia (Laser Performance) - 4.60 m
RS Quest (RS Sailing France) - 4.30 m
RS Quest Spi (RS Sailing France) - 4.30 m
RS Venture (RS Sailing France) - 4.98 m
RS Venture Keel (RS Sailing France) - 4.98 m
RS Vision T (RS Sailing France) - 4.60 m
RS Vision XL (RS Sailing France) - 4,60 m

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