Coast 50, a catamaran for safe sailing

Designed for a very safety conscious owner, the Coast 50 is an aluminium catamaran with retractable daggerboards.

Designed for a safety conscious English owner, the Coast 50 is currently under construction in Tarifa in southern Spain. The story might seem incredible: with his old boat, a full Ovni dinghy, he was pulled out of the water by a submarine. The centreboard and retractable rudder system saved the day.

As a result, his new catamaran project, designed by Philippe Renaudeau, will necessarily have the same type of appendages. This Coast 50 is equipped with 2 pivoting daggerboards which are hidden in the bottom, without disturbing the installations, built above. The rudders retract to the rear. This will allow the boat to ground without fear. Even if the daggerboards are actuated by hydraulic cylinders, a fuse system that can be reset at sea ensures good safety.

The daggerboards visible at the bottom of the hull

Still for safety, we will note the crash boxes on the bows, the 2 swim ladders unfoldable from the water (in case of fall) but also the 4 (!) spaces provided for the liferafts including 2 accessible from the underside of the hull in case of overturning. The front beam is also equipped with 2 complete anchorages ready for use.

If the hulls are made of aluminium, the deck and the deckhouse are made of composite so as not to raise the weight estimate too much and to offer more fluid lines. A cap system above the cockpit offers good protection to the helmsman while protecting him. Indeed, the bars are centered in the boat.

Construction is already well advanced at the Mint Yachts yard with a launch planned for the end of 2016. If at the beginning of the project the project was carried out as a one off (only one unit built), the yard reserves the right to market it thereafter. Thus finished the boat will be proposed at 1 050 000 € HT.

Coast 50
Overall length: 14.99 m
Length at waterline: 14.60 m
Width: 7.85 m
Draught: 0.76 m / 2.66 m
Light displacement: 12.80 t
Load displacement: 15 t

Mainsail: 96.00 m2
Genoa: 61,00 m2
Staysail: 35,00 m2
Spinnaker : 128.00 m2

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