Gras Savoye Yachting launches a new insurance product for charter companies

Simplify rental and reassure tenants. This is the program that Gras Savoye Yachting has just set up as part of a partnership with Hey Captain.

Hey Captain is a motor boat rental site, offered only by professional charter companies. No private boat on this site. This guarantees the insurance of a boat in condition, service and assistance. To perfect its offer, this internet service provider has just joined forces with the insurer Gras Savoye, which offers 3 guarantees.

Reimbursement of security

By boat, damage can happen to anyone. And the damage is quickly quantified. The deposit refund is there to reassure both the lessor and the tenant. The lessor is assured of the solvency of his tenant at the time when this one deposits his cheque of guarantee since in the event of hard blow it will be paid by the insurance. The tenant is sure not to see the invoice rising more than the franchise (between 10 and 15% with a maxi of 500 €). Because it remains indeed a franchise with the load of the tenant, this refund not being a"permit to break" !

Personal and material assistance

Based on a Europe Assistance contract, the insurance covers the costs due to persons (medical, death,...) as well as certain costs for the boat: towing or accommodation in case of theft of the boat.

Cancellation insurance

It is the most atypical in this type of contract. If the weather is too bad (wind force 7) when you have to dispose of the boat, the insurance will refund the full deposit paid. This insurance should see timid tenants book earlier in the season, and not wait to check the weather to rent the last day before boarding!

Available for all rental companies

This insurance was tested during the month of August 2016 with 4 rental companies, before being set up for next season. It is adapted to the motorboat rental fleet offered by Hey Captain, which rents a large part of the units for day trips within the limit of the coastal licence. It should satisfy both charter companies who will find arguments to reassure the customer, as well as for boaters who will be less reluctant to rent a boat.

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