The VHF radio alphabet, a guarantee of safety at sea

In order to be understood, whatever the conditions of transmission and the nationality of the interlocutor, it is useful to be able to spell a word or a number according to the radio alphabet (NATO alphabet).

Mastering this alphabet and all the radio procedures allows to broadcast a clear message, save time and increase safety at sea. This standardization of exchanges between the parties involved remains the guarantee of good communication.

The International Phonetic Alphabet is used to enhance the understanding of words (ship's name, call sign, abbreviation) transmitted by VHF. Words or numbers are spelled by matching each letter to an agreed word. The first letter is the same as the letter of the word to be spelled.

Letters Spelling Pronunciation
A Alpha A. . L. . F A H
B Bravo B..R..A VO
C Charlie T..C..HAH LI or CHAR LI
D Delta D. . E. . L T A H
E Echo ╚. . K. . O
F Foxtrot F. . O. . X T R O T
G Golf G. . . O. L F
H Hotel H. . O. . T ╚ L
I India I.N...DI AH
J Juliett D. . J. . O U L I E T T
K Kilo K..I..LO
L Lima L..I..MAH
M Mike M...A. ¤K
N November NO V╚MM BER
O Oscar O. . . S . S K A R
P Dad P. . A. . H P A H
Q Quebec K. . ╔. . B E K
R Romeo R. . O. . M I O
S Sierra S..I..ER RAH
T Tango T..A..NG GO
U Uniform Y..O..U NI FORM or OU NI FORM
V Victor V.I.K. TAR
W Wiskey O. . . U . I S S K I
X X-ray E..K..SS E
Y Yankee Y..A..NG KI
Z Zulu Z. . O. . U L O U
Zero ZEERO 1 One WUN 2 Two TOO 3 Three TREE 4 Oven FOWER 5 Five FIFE 6 Six SIX 7 Seven SEVEN 8 Eight AIT 9 Nine NINER 100 Hundred HUNDRED 1000 Thousand THOUSAND Some rules to ALWAYS respect:
Figures Spelling Pronunciation

Make sure the network is free
  • Respecting the order of calls
  • Press and wait 1 second before speaking (otherwise the speaker cannot hear the beginning of the sentence)
  • Speak clearly and calmly (no need to shout into the radio!)
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