Sailing Yacht A, the world's largest private sailing yacht

Sailing Yacht A © Raphael Belly Photography

Since 2017, the Sailing Yacht A - a 143 m long sailing and motor superyacht - has been criss-crossing our seas and the Mediterranean in particular. Its owner, a Russian billionaire who made his fortune in finance, had a huge boat built for him. Look, technology, innovation Andre´ Melnitchenko did not refuse anything for this 417 million euro boat. Let's go and discover this "incredible" sailboat

The Sailing Yacht A is the largest sailing yacht in the world at 142.81 m long and 24.88 m wide. Designed by Philippe Stark for Russian billionaire Andrei Melnitchenko and his wife Aleksandra, a former Serbo-Croatian model and pop singer in Belgrade, this giant sailing yacht is the second of the name A. In 2004, the oligarch had a 119-metre long motor yacht built worth ú240 million (?278 million), which he had already christened "A".

This time he wanted to make it even bigger, but wanted to keep the first letter of the alphabet for the name of his boat. If one could believe that he did it as a tribute to his wife, it is not so. It would only be a matter of ego, since the letter A would allow him to appear first on the maritime registers. At the same time, when you spend 417 million euros to get the biggest sailing superyacht, you can afford every whim.

After a contract signature in 2011 and validation of the specifications, construction will begin at the German Nobiskrug yard in 2015. The yacht is handed over to her owner in May 2017. Its design is much talked about. With her inverted bow, her lines reminiscent of military boats, her polished surface and her portholes well hidden from the outside (from the inside, they are huge and allow an incredible view of the outside contrary to what one might think), the Sailing Yacht is a pleasure or displeasure. It's radical?!

Inside, as outside, it is excess: the world's tallest masts culminating at a height of 100 m, an 18m2 underwater observation room with three technical glass walls, a sail area of more than 3700 m2, a mahogany, baccarat crystal, skate or alligator skin layout..

We therefore propose you to discover in depth the Sailing Yacht A, with a presentation of the boat, but also key figures, which show all the (dis)measure of the owner's desires.

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