Antifouling Accastillage Diffusion, for all boaters

Developed with Soromap, the antifouling range Accastillage Diffusion is aimed at all boaters, whether they sail or motor. Video presentation of this new product in the power plant's catalogue for the 2019 season.

With a hard matrix, this antifouling will perform well on a speedboat. In its erodible version, it will be more suitable for a sailboat or a trawler. This product, available in 5 colours, is distributed in 0.75 l and 2.5 l pots. A 5-litre pot version is under study for construction sites. The covering power of the product is about 8m2/litre.

For this development, AD has chosen a qualitative product, certainly more expensive than basic products, but which uses an efficient chemistry, not only copper. Of course, this antifouling complies with current standards.

Available from now on from ! ! ! ! !in all AD stores, this antifouling is available at :

  • Hard matrix, 0.75 l : 29.50 euros
  • Erodible, 0.75 l: 34.50 euros
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