A textile opening pulley by Nodus Factory

How to make a barber on a jib or spinnaker sheet very simply, without going through an expensive opening pulley? A friction opening sash, Textile Hook Friction Ligh is the solution. This composite version (and not metal) was designed by Nodus Factory's design office.

Since the time Nodus Factory has found a solution for making composite friction rings Here it is, which declines it for all uses. Remember that this ring is made of a self-lubricating material that allows all ropes (not just Dyneema) to slide on it. Lighter, easier to make, much cheaper, very strong and non-wearing, this new material replaces the traditional anodized aluminum which requires a complex and expensive surface treatment to work only with Dyneema.

Nodus Factory

Made of injection, the friction opening ring, Textile Hook Friction Ligh uses this material which offers only advantages:

  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Low creep and low moisture absorption
  • High impact resistance
  • Low friction coefficient and intrinsic lubrication
  • Half as light as aluminium and six times lighter than steel
  • Recyclable according to standard recovery techniques
Nodus Factory

The friction opening ring, Textile Hook Friction Ligh is a combination of an open friction ring and a textile shackle. It is available in 2 sizes: 14 and 20 for maximum working loads from 900 to 1200 kg. The ropes to be used will have a diameter of 6 to 14 mm. A version with the T-close locking system is available at the first price while the one presented here with the Titanium T-bone locking system is also in the catalogue.

Nodus Factory

Textile Hook Friction Ligh: from 35 euros HT

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