SY200, a self-sufficient luxury yacht concept

After the presentation of the SY300, the French architect Philippe Briand unveils the SY200, an elegant and high-performance 60 m long self-sufficient luxury yacht.

Sailing superyachts are generally motoryachts that move under power. It is from this observation that the designer Philippe Briand started to conceive the SY200. This 60 m long sailboat which has a 10.50 m m midship beam will be propelled only in a sailing way. Like his big brother, the SY300 It is inspired by ocean racing yachts, but has a pure design and elegant lines, born in the imagination of Philippe Briand.

In order to create this yacht that would emit no emissions during its movements from port to port, the architect first favoured a huge sail plan. With an upwind sail area of 2?000 m2 and more than 3?000 m2 downwind, it's as if the SY200 was developing an engine power of 2?000 kW. As with the previous model, the designer thought of installing underwater turbines to power the on-board batteries. These would produce the equivalent of a 500 kW generator while maintaining a speed of 15 knots. This energy would then be stored in a 20-ton battery pack, which would allow it to be autonomous and silent at anchor.

The designer opted for a traditional carbon fibre sloop rig with a mast height of 83.5m. The hull is contemporary with an inverted bow and a fully flush deck. The displacement of the SY200 is 490 tons, a displacement 10 tons lighter than sailing yachts of the same size according to the architect.

The exterior design is very elegant with clean lines. The design is distinguished by a huge glass roof that covers a large part of the rear of the main deck, where the layout is on the same level as the main deck. The cockpit is divided into two areas. At the stern, there are two steering wheels with a large sunbathing bench that can accommodate 14 people. At the front, the large dining room protected from the sun can accommodate up to 16 people.

Finally, the large bathing platform, accessed by side steps, acts as a large terrace overlooking the sea and integrates a private access to the owner's cabin, located aft of the lower deck.

Below deck, the technical hold is located away from the invited night space. Noise is reduced and access for the crew is easier. Finally, this arrangement, which frees up more volume in the guest cabins, allows with more weight forward to move the keel location and thus move the rigging backwards for greater efficiency.

The aft part of the SY200 is dedicated to passengers with four guest cabins and a large owner's suite. The latter is through-going and leads directly to the large terrace with jacuzzi and access to the sea. There are two bathrooms with separate dressing rooms and an office. At the bow, 12 crew members can be accommodated in the crew area.