Test / Fitting out of the Lagoon 46 catamaran, a beautiful cruising platform

Before setting out to sea to see the cruising skills of the Lagoon 46, we visit the facilities. Available in 3 or 4 double cabins, the spaces are optimized for both family and charter

One basket, 3 living areas

The gondola of the Lagoon 46 serves as a platform to accommodate a large aft cockpit, a very spacious saloon-kitchen and a well appointed forward cockpit with very comfortable bench seats. In the saloon, the benches and the table have been skilfully arranged so that the epontille, which must be in the middle, causes as little disturbance as possible, and this is quite successful, as it serves as a rather reassuring handrail

Here, there is no door on the forward cockpit, but a glass panel rises up for ventilation and communication. The U-shaped kitchen is a clear improvement in terms of the XXL worktop area, equipment and storage space. Everything can find a place for long crossings.

Four similar cabins

If one begins to know the owner suites with their small sofa, office, library, wardrobe and front shower room, this one deserves a particular mention for its WC separated from the shower room which is otherwise very large. In the four-cabin version, there is a desire to offer the same level of comfort whether you are in the front or in the back. The bathrooms have their own separate shower cubicle and all the beds are very wide and arranged as "island beds". So no jealousy when the booths are allocated. Another important point is that the view to the outside from the bed is improved by the large portholes and also by individual tilting headboards.

An outside saloon for 6 to 12 people

As the main living area during summer or tropical cruises, the aft cockpit has been pampered. The counter facing the galley is equipped with a sink and fish pan and there is an optional fridge and plancha on the starboard module. The bench, which reserves a passage for normal access to the fly and the counter, is mounted on slides and can be moved backwards. The table can thus be folded out from 6 to 12 guests very quickly. Even with 12 people at the table, the starboard and aft benches are still free and, above all, traffic is still possible to go anywhere on board. Good point!

A very cosy atmosphere

The plywood furniture and partitions are clad in Alpi walnut veneer and the floors in light Asburgo. Already seen on previous models, these warm colours evoke a reassuring and pleasant atmosphere. The piping on the velvet seat cushions contributes to this feeling of comfort. The only negative point is the absence of zenithal portholes, which makes it impossible to monitor the sails from the saloon, where one is inevitably often cruising.

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