Test / Pricing and alternatives of the Lagoon 46, a very complete cruising catamaran

In terms of price, the Lagoon 46 is among the good students in the class. It offers complete services for a very good price. But competition is fierce in this size, which has been considered ideal for travel for several decades.

An affordable standard rate that goes up with the options

The starting price of the Lagoon 46 set at 443,500 euros excluding tax is undoubtedly among the cheapest in the category. This price includes a lot of basic equipment and a set of dacron sails consisting of the self-tacking Solent and a mainsail with a strong leech. Nevertheless, the options catalogue has been pampered to transform this placid cruising catamaran into an easy to handle offshore vessel for a family crew. Code 0 or gennaker, mainsail with horn, electric winches and above all the electric mainsail trolley make manoeuvring easier. The shipyard also offers a Highfield tender with console and a 20 hp Honda outboard that can be raised with a gantry also controlled by the very efficient Harken "Flat Winder" electric system. A seaman's or child's cabin is also possible in one of the forepeaks

Essential comfort options

Our modes of navigation have indeed changed the profile of our modern cruises. The electric WC, air conditioning or dishwasher have long been indispensable additions. Four combi, large-screen TV, multimedia, and a sophisticated audio system have become the new denominators of a successful cruise. Should we be happy about that? Still, the dependent power supply is also to be ordered as an extra and our test boat, ready to sail in comfort, but without the Tenderlift bathing platform peaks at 663,252 euros (excl. VAT). The options total a good third of the base price, which must be taken into account when signing.

And the competition?

Its predecessor, the Lagoon 450 F (with flybridge), has sold more than 700 units compared to a hundred or so S versions (without flybridge). This means that this maritime deck formula has conquered the heart of the clientele and is of great interest to all large and small manufacturers. In the same price ranges, Fountaine Pajot frames the Lagoon 46 with its new Elba 45 and the Saona 47 with a wheelhouse in an intermediate position and a traditional lower rigging. In the same vein, the Leopard 45 pulls out all the stops by offering a door that opens onto the forward cockpit and a very robust construction

In the entry-level segment and in an even more extreme move towards habitability, the new Bali 4.6 which follows the 4.5 has a 100% used gondola with a rigid front cockpit (without trampoline), a rear platform and an integral gangway like the 46. Nautitech, which was originally oriented towards sportier models, now offers the Nautitech 46 Fly with a handy furling mast

A trimaran is also coming to play the role of spoilsport in this niche of hyper habitability: the Neel 47 has a superb platform and sport catamaran performance in the same price range.

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