Eagle Class 53, an open catamaran built by the America's Cup professionals

Elegant, luxurious and terribly fast, the Eagle Class 53 is a full carbon catamaran built by America's Cup specialists and capable of flying thanks to its foils and hybrid wing.

America's Cup pros

The Eagle Class 53 is a splendid 16.5m carbon catamaran built in the United States, in Rhode Island by the Fast Forward Composite shipyard. Within the latter, an international team from the best America's Cup campaigns, such as Oracle Racing, Luna Rossa, Artemis Racing, led by the famous naval architect Paul Bieker, a seasoned designer of several America's Cup projects.

An open catamaran

The idea behind the design of this priceless car is to combine the sensations of a racing multihull with the advantages of a cruising yacht. Conceived as a "weekender", it allows you to sail during the day and spend a few nights on board in hot climates. Because apart from the cabins, life on board is outside. Indeed, there is no superstructure, the cockpit being totally open.

Hybrid wing foils

All carbon - including rigging and spar - it is capable of speeds between 25 and 35 knots even in light wind conditions. The Eagle Class 53 is equipped with the latest technology: foils and T-shaped rudder, but above all a rotating hybrid carbon fibre wing that mixes a rigid part and a flexible part that can be fitted with a line. It is also possible to opt for a standard rig.

The catamaran is also available in a 53T turbo version with standard C foils replaced by fully automated carbon fibre T foils.

A comfortable and modern interior

The boat combines light structures with ample deck space and large cabins inside. Manoeuvres are brought back to the hard-top with a helm station installed at the bow to free up all deck space for guests. There is a central island with a sink, fridge and a large storage area that can be customised to accommodate an ice maker and microwave oven. There are also bar stools for dining. Finally, two sofas are installed on the back.

The cabins - one in each hull - offer a headroom of 2 m, with bench seat, double bed and dressing room as well as a toilet. Thanks to the numerous hull windows and deck hatch, each berth enjoys an ocean view, natural light and good ventilation.

Currently, this first model - whose price was not communicated to us by the yard, but is around several million euros - was built for an American owner.

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