Discovering the super exploration yacht Octopus

The Monaco Marine shipyard has recently welcomed one of the world's largest exploration yachts, the Motor Yacht Octopus, to its Marseilles site. Guided tour of an atypical ship in the super yachting sector

A ship with a pioneering design

The M/Y Octopus has arrived at the Monaco Marine shipyard, installed on the seawall in Marseille, in order to carry out her annual technical stopover there and then set off again for a new summer season

At the time of her launch in 2003, she was the largest privately owned yacht in the world, with a length of 126 m and a displacement of almost 10,000 tonnes. It has since been dethroned in the race for gigantism by Azzam, measuring 180 m.

Super Yacht Octopus

Approved for harsh polar conditions (class 1A, ice thickness up to 0.8 m), it has a range of 12,500 miles at a speed of 19 knots.

His avant-garde design has brought to the forefront the architect Espen Oeino, who is now the most sought-after yacht designer in the world. Built at the German shipyard Lürssen in Bremen, it was commissioned by American billionaire Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft).

The latter being a Beattles fan, he named his yacht after the song Octopus's Garden by the English band. According to its spokesperson, "Octopus was inspired by Paul Allen's recollections of Jacques Cousteau's underwater adventures and his curiosity about what lies beneath the surface of the ocean"

Super Yacht Octopus

7 tenders, 2 helicopters and a submarine

Capable of accommodating 26 guests (for a crew of 55 people), Octopus has a helideck that can accommodate three helicopters on board at the same time. It is also equipped with a movie theatre, a basketball court and a recording studio

Super Yacht Octopus

But it is certainly the Octopus garage that is the most impressive. Measuring 36m long, it houses a flotilla of 7 tenders, the largest of which is a 19m Vikal developing 2100 hp

In addition to this armada of tenders, Octopus also hosts a pocket submarine that can take 10 guests for a submarine ride. This is housed in a drydock at the stern, which is fully submerged to allow the submersible to move around. Called Pagoo, this "yellow submarine" (another reference to the Beattles) is also capable of carrying out underwater research

Super Yacht Octopus

A yacht for leisure, but also for exploration

The Octopus is part of the very closed circle of exploration yachts. It has in fact participated in numerous research campaigns on wrecks. Her main discovery dates back to 2015, when she located the wreck of the Japanese battleship Musashi, which disappeared in 1944. The ship was lying at a depth of 1,000 m in the Sibuyan Sea, in the Philippine archipelago, the scene seventy years ago of the Battle of the Gulf of Leyte, one of the greatest naval battles of the Pacific War.

Super Yacht Octopus

Despite the death of its owner in 2016, Octopus, via the Paul Allen Foundation, continued the wreck search in tandem with the oceanographic vessel RV Petrel.

Available for sale

If you are looking to change your boat, Octopus is available for sale on for about 295 million euros. To this you will add an annual budget of about 15 million euros to ensure the maintenance and pay a permanent crew of 55 people

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