Nemo, the transportable and compact luxury submarine

Nemo is a submarine weighing only 2,500 kg and is the size of two jet skis together. Modern and round, it is easy to pilot and will allow you to discover the sea bed up to 100 m deep thanks to its huge transparent wall.

A compact and lightweight personal submarine

The small world of the personal submarine is reserved for the privileged few who can afford it. Very often owners of superyachts, they are not content to explore the surface of the water aboard their gigantic boats. The seabed is now within their reach.

A little newcomer has just appeared on the market. Nemo is a personal submarine, no longer and no wider than two Jet-skis placed side by side, marketed by U-Boat Worx, a Dutch submersible manufacturer.

Unlike the submarines produced by the American leader Triton Submarines, Nemo will be produced in sÚrie?! The company also prides itself on having made it the lightest submersible ever designed with a weight of only 2,500 kg. And indeed, its American counterpart, the Triton 1000/2, the lightest model in the range, weighs 3,100 kg.

A modern design to admire the underwater world

It took many years of research and many pilot experiments for Nemo to be born. With a modern and rounded design, the Nemo can accommodate 2 passengers on board and can descend to a depth of 100 m. At a speed of 3 knots, it offers an autonomy of 8 hours, propelled by four silent electric thrusters.

Its large acrylic bubble offers an incredible view of the background without ever obstructing vision.

Easy to drive

Thanks to a joystick with two joysticks, the Nemo can easily be controlled by a novice (accompanied by a specialist). The Manta controller allows precise manoeuvring thanks to its intuitive controls. The intelligent steering aid with automatic heading and depth control will ensure that the Nemo will never deviate from its course.

Easy to store

Lightweight, the Nemo can easily be lifted out of the water by a crane and stored in a tender garage, even at a low height. Indeed, with a headroom of only 1.55 m, this submersible can be easily stored in many boats. No need for a davit or cradle to store it, it fits easily on a flat surface.

The Nemo can also be steered from the deck of the boat or from a slipway using the Marlin controller. This wireless remote control will allow you to position the submarine where you want or to go and retrieve divers on a site for example, without any pilot inside.

A transportable submersible

Finally, light and compact, the Nemo can even be towed on a trailer for those who wish to do so.

If this little underwater jewel has many qualities, it is not within the reach of all purses with a price starting at 975 000 HT euros.

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