Libertist 703, the hydrofoil cruising trimaran for coastal cruising

Libertist Yachts manufactures foil trimarans for the yachting world. These designs by Erik Lerouge are powerful, but well designed for family cruising. After the 853, the shipyard is about to launch the 703.

The first trimaran with foil

In 2017, the Polish shipyard Libertist Yachts presented the Libertist 853, an 8.53 m cruising trimaran equipped with foils, designed by Erik Lerouge. If the idea is to create a range of hydrofoil "sorting" boats for the general public, the aim is nevertheless to offer cruising boats.

"The foils are deliberately short so as not to fly, but they relieve the drag effect The boat starts to take off as soon as 3 or 4 knots of wind. This also allows the boat to sail flat so that the leeward float is always out of the water and therefore does not get stuck in the water" explains Alain Margerie, importer for France and Southern Europe.

Before adding : "The Libertist's are a little bit like the racing boats, but without flying. We could do it, but it would require having someone on board dedicated to trimming. These are family boats. With this fixed foil system, there's no need for trimming."

The Libertist 853

Lightweight construction

Built in the region of Gdansk, Poland, the trimarans are manufactured in vinylester infusion sandwich (and optionally in epoxy). The arms and appendages are made of carbon, as are some of the interior bulkheads, to make the platform as rigid as possible. The carbon mast is rotatable and there are three choices of sail materials:

  • Mylar as standard,
  • DCX
  • Carbon

The boats are equipped with a mainsail with horn, a self-tacking jib on snap shackle (or optional on furling system), a gennaker and a spinnaker.

Kitchen to port

A range of six models

Today, the range consists of 6 models - the 603, the 703, the 853, the 1003 and the 1203. "3 for 3 hulls. In the same vein, we will also have a range of catamarans - the plans for which are already in the boxes - and a range of monohulls, all designed by Erik Lerouge" explains Alain Margerie.

Double berth in front

The 703, the next model to be released

Today two 7m trimarans are under construction, as the construction site has fallen behind schedule with the containment. This model is a dayboat designed for coastal cruising, even if it offers a nice headroom of 1.70 m. There is a double berth at the bow, two side benches and a galley block on the port side between the centreboard.

"There's a water supply on board and we can install chemical toilets. We can also pitch tents on the trampolines for coastal hiking." adds the importer.

Thanks to their lightweight construction, speed is the order of the day. Thus, with an empty weight of 780 kg for the 703, the importer estimates a speed of 15 to 20 knots "easy."

One of the other advantages of Libertist is that they are able to beauty. Indeed, the foils do not go deeper than the central hull. Thus, during the ebb tide, the trimaran will remain supported on its central hull and its two foils.

Two side benches acting as bunks

Foldable and transportable

With the "Swing Wing" system, the Libertist's floats fold back to the stern, saving space in the harbour. On the 703, the midship beam is reduced from 5.50 m to 2.80 m. The latter is also transportable to road gauge, increasing to a width of 2.50 m. The dismasting is easy, and the mast can be attached to the boat during transport.

The 703 will be sold at the price of 67?000 euros without trailer, all taxes included. Count approximately 90?000 euros including all taxes for an optional boat, with trailer and complete equipment.

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