The French Sailing Federation unveils its deconfinement plan

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While May 11, 2020 could well be the date of France's deconfinement, every organization is working towards resuming activity. The FFVoile has just unveiled how it intends to support sailing clubs in the resumption of water sports. We still have to wait for the government's validation.

Sailing, a low-risk activity

Like most Nautical Federations, the French Sailing Federation has also presented its deconfinement plan to the Ministry of Sport. Indeed, since March 14th, all French sailing clubs and schools have been closed.

In its document, the Federation states that sailing is practised "in large, natural and airy areas with a very low human density, subject to respect for social distancing measures when hosting and leaving clubs" and that "assistance in case of difficulty is largely without recourse to public rescue services."

For example, according to the Medical Commission of the International Sailing Federation (World Sailing), sailing is considered a low-risk activity.

Three phases of deconfinement

To help reopen the centres and resume activities, FFVoile is proposing a plan based on three phases:

Before the summer holidays

Can resume:

  • School groups by groups of 15 people
  • Top sportsmen and women
  • Training for managers (supervisors) in groups of 8
  • Individual practices
  • Group practices and competitions in groups of 10 people maximum

During the summer holidays

The groups mentioned above may be continued, to which the following will be added:

  • The Learning Vacation Program's educational vacations
  • Tourists and locals coming for summer camps for individual or small group practices
  • Competitive practices from July 31

After the summer holidays

May resume local competitions and then national sports programmes. Finally, international regattas will be prohibited, except for ocean racing starts.

Development of beaches

The FFV wishes to develop "corridors of access to the sea locally by affiliated structures wherever possible, which will frame the supervised sailing areas."

Good practices to be respected

To accompany this return to practice in clubs, the FFVoile also recommends wearing masks as much as possible and practising rather individual activities. Here are its recommendations:

  • wearing a mask, which is compulsory in transport, is strongly recommended (mandatory) in the club and until you get to the water (preparation for sailing) and then as soon as you return to land,
  • the recommended practices will focus primarily on individual supports and equipment (paddle, boards, solo dinghies, etc.),
  • while respecting a social distance of 1.5 metres from the ground,
  • with one person per 5m2 during briefings, groupings and physical preparations, all of which must be held outdoors,
  • subject to all reservations regarding the possibilities of access to water bodies, ports and ramps, the federation having asked the Minister of Sport to preserve the parts of the beach allowing access to water bodies (beaches prohibited until further notice),
  • in strict compliance with government regulations and health measures.
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