Class 6 Power, a luxurious catamaran with hybrid or full electric engine

The Latvian shipyard O'Yachts presents its first motor catamaran, the Class6 Power. But in a low consumption approach, the latter will be equipped with a hybrid diesel-electric version or a full electric version. With a semi-custom layout, this catamaran can be adapted to a variety of programmes.

A Class6, but in engine version

In 2016, the Frenchman Dan Levy, in collaboration with his friend Laurent Bourgnon, launched the Class6 a cruising sailing catamaran designed as a racing boat. The latter has a central beam installed in a longitudinal way that allows to stiffen the general structure of the boat. Its objective is to design a catamaran with carbon parts for lightness and speed for safety.

From now on, it declines this model in "power" version but hybrid. An inspired idea of the first Class6, V-60 One cat, which the architect Maxence Valdelievre uses to validate new nautical concepts . For example, he hadn't installed a mast on his boat, preferring to test a hybrid propulsion system.

Hybrid or all electric

The Class6 Power therefore has a 15kw Oceanvolt motor/hydrogenerator, coupled to a fleet of 19KW lithium batteries. The diesel engine (several engine manufacturers possible) offers a power of 80 to 110 HP. In the all-electric version, the Class6 Power is equipped with two electric motors of 15 kW or 20 kW and with a battery and generator park according to the navigation program.

As an option, it will be possible to install 5 kW solar panels and/or two wind turbines. A small mast with a gennaker or kite wings (the Parlier system) can also be installed, considerably increasing the boat's autonomy (more than 3000 miles according to the shipyard), especially for long cruises.

Reduced consumption

The Class6 Power is built in composite and carbon to make it lighter and uses the same hull moulds as its sailing brother. Thus, with a light weight of 11.5 tonnes, the multihull should reach a maximum speed of 13 knots, with a cruising speed announced between 8 and 10 knots. With a laden weight of 15 tonnes and a speed of 9.3 knots, consumption is estimated at 1L/mile. At 19 tons, and 8.2 knots, consumption remains reasonable at 1.22 L/mile.

Semi-custom fittings

As for the layout, it is according to everyone's tastes since the construction site operates on a semi-custom basis. The "O" in O'Yachts stands for "Owner". Thus, up to 8 tons of loads are planned for the interior: owner or charter version, working catamaran... everything is possible. Dan Levy aims at a small production, first because this model will be built to order. It will be necessary to wait until September - and the Cannes boat show - to discover this boat whose price starts at 1?290?000 euros HT.