Alva Yachts, solar-powered boats and floating homes

The German company Alva Yachts is entering the nautical market with a range of solar-powered cataramans, a sailing boat and floating homes.

Alva Yachts is a new brand of electric and solar powered boats and luxury floating homes. With two catamarans in the range - the Ocean Eco 60 and 90 - and an Ocean Sail 82 - the company wants to bring innovative technologies to the nautical sector.

Two 60-foot catamarans are currently under construction. The angular lines are modern and daring and the surface area of the solar panels has been maximized with the addition of roof caps. The panels are shaped and fully integrated into the roof structure. At full power they can generate 20 kW on the Ocean Eco 60. The 300 kWh lithium batteries allow the boat to travel 110 miles at a speed of seven knots, with virtually unlimited range at 4-5 knots.

The Ocean Eco 90

As an option, it will be possible to opt for a hybrid system with a carbon-free hydrogen fuel cell to extend autonomy or to use a kite to harness the power of the wind. These are prospects that would undoubtedly make it possible to sail in self-sufficiency. The shipyard also ensures the use of a state-of-the-art water management system.

Another model of 90-foot catamaran could see the light of day. The shipyard also has an 82-foot sailing boat in its catalogue.

Ocean Sail 82