Fibonacci, a futuristic electric catamaran concept

Discover Fibonacci, the new electric catamaran concept from the Italian studio Icona.

The Italian design agency Icona likes to design concept cars, especially electric and autonomous cars. Its latest project is still about transport, but this time it's in the maritime field.

Fibonacci is a 16.7 m long electric catamaran that owes its name to the Fibonnaci, developed by the mathematician of the same name in the 12th century. The latter is a sequence of integers, in which each term is the sum of the two terms that precede it, except for the first two.

This futuristic concept is inspired by the construction of a grand piano, with a roof that rises like the lid of the musical instrument on its stand. For the architectural and technical part, the studio has teamed up with Hydrotec, an Italian company of naval architects, and Terra Modean Mechatronic, a start-up specialising in marine electric propulsion.

Its roof is covered with solar panels that power 340 kW batteries, which coupled to two 270 HP electric motors would allow to sail up to 12 hours and stay at anchor for the same duration. At 10 knots, it would be possible to sail up to 150 miles, with a speed limited to a maximum of 15 knots. The battery is also designed to fully recharge in 20 minutes and can be supplemented with a hydrogen fuel cell for more power.

If Fibonnaci offers so much autonomy, its design is more in line with a daytime sailing programme. Starting with its large open cockpit in which two masterful staircases lead to the upper deck. Inside, the layout will be customised and can accommodate up to 3 cabins and a bathroom.

So will the Fibonacci ever see the light of day, like the Vulcano hyerpcar unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show at 2013??

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