The Overboat, an electric and flying catamaran for fun on the water

In December 2019, Neocean presented a new concept of nautical toy, the Overboat. From now on, the boat is ready to be marketed. Presentation of this electric hydrofoil catamaran.

Rowboat or Archimedean

The Overboat is a modern electric catamaran equipped with four T-shaped foils for flying on the water, on which you can sail seated, like a jet-ski, standing on handles. An archimedean version is also proposed by the designer Noecean. This version will be more suitable for river or port use (for professionals), where the speed is limited and insufficient to take off. On the flying version, it is also possible to retract the foils.

For ease of use, the foils are automatically regulated by an electronic system to always correct the trim and stability of the Overboat. The on-board computer calculates the stability of the boat and the foils are automatically adjusted 50 times per second.

Electric motorization

With a 4.5 kW electric motor, the catamaran takes off from a speed of 7 knots and can reach a maximum speed of 15 knots. The manufacturer is studying the possibility of offering higher engine power to go even faster. With only 2 kW of consumption at a speed of 10 knots, the Overboat is very economical.

For the moment, with this engine power of 6 HP, the Overboat does not require a permit. It is therefore ideal for rental companies and leisure centres.

With a length of 3.1 m and a weight of 100 kg, the Overboat is both compact and light and therefore easy to handle. With its environmentally friendly and quiet propulsion, it is in line with the market trend.

L'Overboat en 3D
Overboat in 3D

An Autonomous Overboat

Like a drone, the Overboat is connected and steers itself automatically via a dedicated remote control. This way, you can go and pick someone up on the beach by sending the Overboat to them, while staying in your boat. And the person will be able to come back by piloting the flying device himself.

Demonstrations in the summer and marketing in the fall

Since its presentation at the Nautic in 2019, Neocean, the company that produces it, has been working on its industrialisation and the boat can now be produced by various subcontractors in the Montpellier region, the company's headquarters. The summer will be dedicated to a campaign of demonstrations and from this autumn, it will be possible to buy its Overboat. Count on a price around 30?000 euros (to be refined) and in the meantime, discover in video the first flights of the flying catamaran.

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