Special Edition / Maintenance and equipment, top start of the new season

With the health crisis behind us, it's time to get ready to go back to sea. To do that, it's time to look at what the equipment manufacturers have prepared for us, whether it's for his boat or for the sailor. Regaining the pleasure of sailing, of being on the water, that's what we all aspire to. We have selected for you some products that meet these expectations.

B&G Halo20+, the radar designed for racers

The radar remains a formidable weapon to locate the grains or facilitate port entries. Sailors appreciate it and B&G has developed a light and efficient model to meet the needs of its customers.

Navily, a navigation application that informs users in real time

Navily, the collaborative application that provides information on ports and anchorages is gaining features to allow the community to share their sailing experience even more. Mapping, chat and alert system are now available.

Glomeasy, a plug and play cabling for its communication devices

Installing a VHF rune at the masthead is always a headache when it comes to passing the antenna cable. Glomex, manufacturer of antennas offers Glomeasy a range of plug and play accessories.

IPad shells are becoming more and more suitable for navigation

iTabNav, the specialist in tablet navigation, presents the advantages of the iPad shells. Quality articles widely acclaimed by browsers.

Adherra, the range of shoes with incredible grip soles

The adhesion of the Adherra soles is surprising. The range of special nautical shoes is growing with new models and new colours.

Clean Boat, the very economical multi-purpose cleaner

When you have to put your boat back in the water, you often have to clean it from top to bottom. With a unique multi-purpose product, Clean Boat ensures great savings.

Sonihull, an antifouling protection by ultrasounds

No more antifouling, Sonihull protects boat hulls by emitting ultrasounds. These vibrations prevent animals from colonizing the hull, which keeps its clean appearance.

Simrad VHF RS40-B , the first VHF to integrate an AIS transponder

By equipping its VHF with an AIS Class B transponder, Simrad is the first to offer this type of all-in-one product.

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