Test / The Excess 12's interior design, life style first and foremost

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Before heading out to sea for our navigation tests, we visit the interior of the Excess 12. Particular emphasis was placed on the decoration on board with three different atmospheres responding to different personalities

A fairly short basket

One of the criteria that was used to minimize the weight quotation and therefore the more sporty side was the percentage of the basket's surface area in relation to the overall length. It is 54% and therefore the roof is necessarily shorter. Priority was given to the cockpit, which is very spacious in this size of unit, but without neglecting the saloon. The three large outside bench seats accommodate many guests and to see the stars, simply fold up the sliding bimini. The saloon, although smaller, is complete with chart table, galley, saloon and the view outside is superb.

Three and four cabin versions

In order to suit various programs, private or rental, three or four cabins are available with 2, 3 or 4 bathrooms. Unless you want to satisfy the rental of a cabin with four private bathrooms, the single bathroom, for two cabins in a hull, gives the advantage of a very pleasant separate shower. In the case of the hull dedicated to the sole owner, the bathroom in front of the float is grandiose. This suite has a small desk, a sliding bookcase bulkhead, a meridian and a large half island bed. They are high enough to enjoy a good view through the hull portholes.

Three different atmospheres

Attracting a younger clientele requires a rejuvenation of the furniture and upholstery. The veneers are treated with honey-coloured Alpi teak, contrasting with white lacquered panels and sanded laminate floors that preserve the luminosity in all circumstances. Some wall units have a rounded finish on their corners and the combination with some light grey composite panels and formwork undoubtedly adds a unique modern touch. For the upholstery and bed linen, the decorators were inspired by contemporary domestic styles corresponding to certain social classes. Worker but playful, technical sportsman, chic or a little bohemian, have been pampered with a selection of fabrics, alcantara and skillfully matched leathers. The orange upholstery of the cockpit benches and the diamond-stitched helm chairs are evocative of a very trendy automotive style. Even the dinghy is signed.

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