Test / Excess 12 pricing and alternatives, a different pricing strategy

The Excess 12, in contrast to the current production, plays the card of the boat ready to sail. It's rare enough to point this out, but its true qualities require a few judicious options.

A standard rate ready to sail

The starting price of the Excess 12 311,000 excluding VAT may seem a little high at first glance with almost 40 keuros more than the Lagoon 40 whose hulls are below the waterline. But looking at the inventory including the sails in grey dacron with the orange anti UV strip, the davits, the complete electrical system, the pressurized hot water system, the windlass, it is possible to cast off the mooring lines at this price with at delivery: antifouling, fenders and mooring. You will have to do without electric toilet and winch, air conditioning, TV and XXL cold compartment and sail with your own navigation instruments. This corresponds to a sober and modern way of sailing, but only partially satisfies those sailors who want to sail in a sporty way, but without depriving themselves of modern comfort.

The options that make up the concept

Our test boat was equipped with Pulse Line rigging, helm biminis and the sliding roof canopy. The electronics pack, 0 mylar code and electric winches are indispensable and if we add comfort electrical equipment, it will be difficult not to give in to the 45 hp engine and the 9 kW generator. But at a price of 493,543 euros excluding VAT, you have a truly innovative boat, giving you maximum sensations while maintaining the comfort worthy of a real cruiser. For although the living platform is quite short, the interior saloon has not been sacrificed, with the added bonus of an atmosphere corresponding to your expectations.

What about the competition?

The development of L'Excess 12 has taken a few years, but the positioning, focused on inner/outer parity, is hitting the mark when looking at the possible alternatives. Radical sportsmen like the Seawind 1190, the Dazcat 1195 or the Rapier 400 are either less comfortable or much more expensive. The more placid Lucia and Leopard 40 are in the Lagoon 40 segment. The two real and serious competitors of L'Excess 12 are the Nautitech Open 40, forerunner in the segment, whose interiors, which will be revised in 2018, are very pleasant, and the brand new F40 from the Italian shipyard Delta presented in Genoa. At a very similar price, both make use of the concept of the large opening between the saloon and the cockpit. The Frenchman favours the exterior area, while the Italian gives pride of place to a loft-style interior saloon with the galley at the bow and an avant-garde transalpine decoration.

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