UP40 - Crossover, a yacht available in two versions

UP40 - Crossover is the first model of the Italian manufacturer Antonini Navi based on the UP40 modular hull, which can accommodate two other types of superstructure. It is available in two versions depending on the sailing location.

Antonini Navi presents UP40 - Crossover, the first of the three models based on the UP40 modular steel platform, which allows the concept and type of yacht to be decided during the construction process. Like the other models to come - Motoryacht and Sport Explorer - this model has been designed by several renowned architects. It is also the first yacht designed in collaboration with the designer Fulvio De Simoni, who has worked for many Italian yacht builders.

This concept tends to reinterpret in a modern way more classic boats designed for a specific function. While it has simple forms, its versatile architecture is open to personalisation and allows you to simply enjoy life at sea. The freeboard height is generous, the lines are flowing and the bow is contemporary in style.

Le yacht UP40 - Crossover
The UP40 Yacht - Crossover

The UP40 Crossover - construction of which will begin in September 2020 - has a sleek and balanced design. Two main decks are connected by a half-deck, where the only cockpit is located.

"The unusual arrangement of the decks, with the wheelhouse installed at mid-height and overhanging the foredeck between the main and upper decks, minimises the difference in height and creates continuity throughout the upper part of the vessel, transforming it into a huge terrace overlooking the sea covering more than 200 square metres, a significant part of which (90 square metres) is protected and shaded by a rigid hard-top" explains the designer.

La version pont fermé du UP40 - Crossover
The closed deck version of the UP40 - Crossover
Version Open
Open Version

Outdoor areas can be furnished in a variety of ways and an infinity pool can also be installed on the foredeck on this model, creating a fully-fledged solarium that is pleasantly airy at anchor and while cruising.

UP40 - Crossover is available in two versions, a fully "Open" model for Mediterranean cruising, and a version with a closed deck, in which a superstructure covers the upper deck. The latter has large glass areas, offering a 360-degree view of the horizon.

In this case, the owner's suite may have a surface area of more than 60 m and a private terrace. The front beach can accommodate a table for outdoor dining and a sunbathing area.

La plage avant avec piscine
The front beach with swimming pool
Grand flybridge
Large flybridge

There are up to four double guest cabins on the lower deck, accommodating a total of ten people, while five cabins are reserved for the crew.

Two tenders - the first 7m long one is stored in the rear garage for easy launching and retrieval. The second 4 m long is positioned forward for the crew, with a crane built into the gunwale.

The large tanks offer autonomy for the great cruise of 5?000 miles at 10 knots. The maximum speed is 15 knots and the cruising speed is 12 knots.

Le cockpit avec accès au garage à tender
The cockpit with access to the tender garage