Special Edition / Uship, a range of consumer paddle shoes

Uship proposes in its fittings catalogue, a range of inflatable paddle. For several years now, these accessories have been democratized on boats (sailing or motor). Indeed, easy to use, foldable in a trunk, the paddle offers a splendid platform when you anchor in a cove. Whether for visiting the coast or even for swimming.

The Zray range in the Uship catalogue

USHIP is a specialist in hardware and is extending its range of products in the field of board sports. Associated with the manufacturer Zray, the 2020 catalogue offers a range of 4 models to meet all user expectations. From 279 euros to 629 euros, there is something for every budget.

Well equipped from original

These boards are delivered complete with their carrying bag, inflator and adjustable length paddle to fit the size of the rower. All Zray paddles available in the Uship catalogue are equipped with elastics on the front to attach a water bottle, bag or watertight canister. A carrying handle in the center makes it easy to carry inflated. Underneath, the paddles are equipped with an easily removable central fin. A sturdy ring on the back can hold the leash.

Paddle Uship
Paddle Uship

4 paddles for all uses

The E10 279 (the cheapest at '279) is provided for average gauges. This 2.97 m board is not very thick (13 cm) for a volume of 210 l and a width of 76 cm ensuring a very good stability. It is suitable for use on the beach for a user weighing 70/80 kilos.

With a thickness of 15 cm, the X-Rider are much stiffer. This provides better glide and a better heading. 3 models are available for 3 board sizes:

  • 9'9 (240L): capacity 120 kg 299 euros
  • 10'10 (270L) : capacity 145 kg 335 euros
  • 12' (162L): capacity 162 kg 369 euros

In addition to the E10 accessories, the X Rider comes with a leash to attach the board to the rower.

La gamme Zray
The Zray range

Turning your paddle into a kayak

Finding balance on a paddle is not always easy. With its adaptable seat, Uship proposes to transform the paddle into a kayak. Comfortably seated with a backrest in the centre of the board, you can use a double paddle to ride comfortably using your paddle (paddle seat 45 euros). The seat is attached to the paddle on 4 rings provided for this purpose.