Test / Architecture and positioning of the Bénéteau Swift Trawler 41, An innovative and user-friendly Trawler

We tried the Swift Trawler 41 Fly in Catalonia. This Trawler, available in Flybrige and Sedan versions, surprises by the modularity of its living spaces which make it a family cruising boat, economical and fast enough to go far.

The right size for the family traveller

Les versions sedan et flybridge du Swift Trawler 41
The sedan and flybridge versions of the Swift Trawler 41

The Swift Trawler section of the Vendée-based manufacturer has been a great success since its launch and this 41-foot model, which is the result of the renewal of the range, is intended to replace the 44-foot version of the previous model. We will see what the design teams have achieved to reach their goal and offer the same features with the famous metre... this time with less. And this, by rejuvenating the usual silhouette of this type of cruiser.

Travel, but above all conviviality

Un grand flybridge convivial
A large and friendly flybridge

While the Sedan version is more intended for regions where the climate is rather harsh and navigation is harder, the flybridge version we have tried out, benefits from the marine qualities of the model, but favours a great habitability aimed at putting a family or friendly crew at ease over long periods of navigation. With a more sloping and well tuliped bow, high bulwarks, high freeboard and a flybridge covering the entire cabin and aft cockpit, the Swift Trawler 41 has a little bit of a fox in the spirit of what is expected of a cruising unit, favouring seaworthy behaviour, sobriety and living space at all levels of the boat. However, her more modern lines and hull planing, equipped with simple drive shafts, allow her to also play the card of speed, as her name suggests.

Le design du Swift Trawler 41
The design of the Swift Trawler 41

A collaboration between Andreani Design and the site's design office

Le passavant tribord du Swift Trawler 41
The starboard side catwalk of the Swift Trawler 41

For the renewal of the range started with the 47 which took over from the 50, the building site has introduced the Italian firm with the in-house design office that deals with the architecture. The two new models therefore replace a boat that is respectively one metre taller. In order to offer the same services, the cm² hunt is an exercise that requires collaboration and precise synchronisation. One of the design tricks is to use asymmetrical gangways to achieve the desired interior volume. The starboard side one, covered by an extension of the fly cap, provides good protection for movement as well as facilitating it with the side wheelhouse door. At this strategic point for the navigator, a cut in the bulwark makes it possible to get a foothold on the quay very easily, which is practical for the captain when mooring and safe for the passengers. The port side gangway is uncovered and serves as a passageway, albeit a little narrow.

Industrialized construction

Aménagement intérieur du Swift Trawler 41
Swift Trawler 41 interior layout

In order to obtain an ever more attractive price/performance ratio, the world's leading yachting group does not hesitate to make use of synergies between its various departments and design offices. The materials used involve a balsa/glass/resin sandwich. The fittings use Alpi finishes for the plywood veneer of the furniture. Although these finishes are becoming increasingly popular, they cannot compete with the segment's top-of-the-range products.

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