VQ80, a luxury sport fishing boat with Vanquish sauce

Vanquish Yachts will build an elegant 24 m long sport fishing boat, which will serve as a chase boat for the 60 m superyacht SkyFall, currently under construction at the Heesen shipyard in the Netherlands.

A hybrid boat between a sportfishing and a Vanquish Yacht

The VQ80 is a 24 m long, fully customised sport fishing motor yacht, built by the Dutchman Vanquish Yachts. It is a workboat for the 60 m superyacht SkyFall, currently under construction, and combines both the qualities of a sport fishing boat and the elegant design of Vanquish.

To design this new model, Vanquish Yacht's R&D department collaborated with the designer Guido de Groot, for the interior and exterior design, and the naval architects of the Delta studio, in close collaboration with the future owner.

Sort of hybrid boat between a sport fishing superyacht and a Vanquish Yachts motor boat, the VQ80 will combine performance and high technology. It will be fully equipped for its owner who is passionate about fishing and his friends.

Maximum power and comfort at sea

The VQ80 will be powered by a new-generation Caterpillar C32 engine that is expected to deliver a total of 4?800 horsepower. Coupled with surface propellers, the boat is expected to reach a speed of 51 knots at low load. The VQ80 - the largest and most powerful model from the Dutch manufacturer will have a huge fuel tank of 5?700 litres. With a range of 330 miles at speeds between 48 and 50 knots, the yacht will be able to line up the miles to the owner's delight.

The VQ80 will feature a Petestep hull that will increase efficiency by more than 15% at high speed, allowing it to achieve impressive top speed and range. For comfort, the deflectors will act as a suspension to improve the ride.

Aménagement du pont principal
Main deck layout

A wide range of state-of-the-art equipment

For fishing, the VQ80 will be equipped with the latest Garmin equipment, including depth sounders and plotters. To easily bring fish on board, the VQ80 will be equipped with hydraulic doors on port and starboard. The fish can be stored in a large fish tank, and the boat will be fully equipped for fishing, including numerous rod holders.

"It was a unique challenge to design a standard chase-boat with the best possible fishing cockpit. We were given carte blanche as long as the key elements of Vanquish Yachts such as the inverted bow were retained", explains Guido de Groot. Before adding " The client decided to create a very special sportfishing that is unlike anything else on the water today. We had to play a lot with the proportions to get the right height, especially with the fishing tower at the top, part of which was integrated into the superstructure."

Aménagement du pont inférieur
Lower deck layout

Comfortable furnishings

Inside, the interior design incorporates carbon finishes, lightweight structures and dark taps. The owner wanted an interior with no wood finishes.

The large living room has an additional outdoor seating area for relaxing or watching the fishing party. Good size refrigerators, large televisions, speakers and a wide selection of other entertainment facilities will ensure a great time after fishing.

The storage space has been particularly well maintained to make life easier for guests and the owner during extended stays. The VQ80 also has a beautiful owner's cabin and two double guest cabins. Two crew members will also be able to stay on board to ensure service. Finally, for comfort at anchor, the yacht is equipped with a stabilizer.

The VQ80, which will be delivered in the summer of 2023, reinforces Vanquish Yachts' custom production offer. The shipyard has also created a new division called Vanquish Super Yachts for projects of this kind.

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