Special Edition / iAqua, a state-of-the-art underwater scooter

Specialist in underwater scooters since 2006 and distributor of the Yamaha brand, whose sea-scooters are aimed at the general public with moderate speeds, E-clypse International has been an importer of iAqua since the beginning of 2020. This new brand manufactures top-of-the-range ultra-fast and powerful underwater scooters.

An underwater scooter that is easy to operate

"iAqua brings innovation to a sector that is a little dated, but where developments in the battery and electronics sector are numerous. Iaqua is equipped with new generation Panasonic batteries, which give it greater speed and range than other underwater scooters on the market" explains the brand's distributor in France and Italy.

The iAqua underwater scooter is equipped with additional protections that give it an "adventurous" side. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, these two deflectors installed at the front make it easier to find your way around, preventing the rider from pushing too hard on the body weight.

iAqua le scooter sous-marin
Iaqua the underwater scooter

Interconnected modules for ease of repair

Other major innovations brought by iAqua include ease of maintenance and repair. Indeed, in general on this type of product, the entire product must be sent back for repair, which is very expensive in transport.

To remedy this system, iAqua assembles its underwater scooters itself in France. iAqua France has its own workshop with a manufacturing bench and buys its batteries in Europe for greater ease. With know-how on the technical part, any iAqua scooter can be easily repaired.

In addition to the after-sales service, iAqua has equipped its product with 5 modules interconnected by waterproof connectors (engine, battery, electronics, etc.). Thus, it is simply necessary to change the defective part and not the whole system. "Any authorized workshop or yacht mechanic can easily repair an iAqua water scooter" explains the distributor.

iAqua le scooter sous-marin facile à conduire
Iaqua the easy-to-ride underwater scooter

4 high-performance models

The underwater scooter iAqua Fun is the entry-level model of the brand and offers a maximum speed of 15 km/h and a power of 650N thanks to its LG batteries of 1.73 kW/h. This model is limited to 70 minutes of autonomy and to a depth of 20 meters. From 5?999 euros incl. VAT.

The second model iAqua MAX is more interesting in terms of speed and power. It offers a speed of 21 km/h and 80 minutes of autonomy with a thrust of 720N. From 6?999 euros incl. VAT.

The model iAqua MAX+ The MAX model, with the addition of extra features such as 1700 lumens LED headlights and high-density carbon inserts for a sportier look and a better finish, has the same features as the MAX model. From 7?499 euros incl. VAT.

Finally, the iAqua PRO is the most powerful on the market with 7 speed levels - including a maximum speed of 25 km/h - and a power of 770N. The high-density full carbon hulls and the optimized 2-piece design offer weight savings to the thruster. From 10?999 euros incl. VAT.

"With the iAqua you can easily exceed 15 km/h and you can swim like a fish in the water and sail at a fast speed for maximum sensation and recreation. Even the first model brings this promise of thrill and fun." details the technical director.

The Pro model - while offering even more range and speed thanks to its anti-cavitation propeller - is also more aesthetically pleasing, which justifies the price difference. Made entirely of carbon from sports car construction, it is lighter, but above all crack-resistant. It also has fewer parts, and is therefore lighter and thinner. "It's really a special product at the cutting edge of technology", concludes the distributor.

Le tableau de bord du iAqua
The Iaqua's dashboard

Two 220 V chargers for fast charging times

As standard, the charger allows the Iaqua to be recharged between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the discharge of the battery. As an option, a quick charger (20 amps) will charge the underwater scooter between 1.5 and 2 hours.

40% cheaper than the competition

In addition to the technological aspect of iAqua, the price argument is also an asset of the Iaqua. "Over the last 10 years, there has been so much development of new generation batteries that prices have dropped significantly, allowing a drastic reduction in costs. The modularity of the components also helps to reduce production costs." details the distributor.

Thus, iAqua are sold from 5?999 euros (including tax) for the entry-level model, up to 10?999 euros for the all-carbon PRO model.

iAqua, le scooter sous-marin abordable
Iaqua, the affordable underwater scooter

Comparison of iAQUA Seadart Series iAqua Fun, iAqua Max and iAqua Pro Underwater Scooters

Tableau comparatif des scooters sous-marins iAQUA Seadart Fun, Max et Pro
IAQUA Seadart Fun, Max and Pro underwater scooters comparison chart