Test / First Yacht 53's interior design, innovation for the benefit of luxury

Impatient to make a sea trial, we discover very surprising interior arrangements adapted to a new way of sailing on the water, for 6 people and no more.

A measured modularity

Plan d'aménagement du First Yacht 53 version 2 salles de bain
Layout plan of the First Yacht 53 2 bathroom version
Plan d'aménagement du First Yacht 53 version 3 salles de bain
Layout plan of the First Yacht 53 3 bathroom version

While many manufacturers play on modularity, here the bias has been to have plenty of space for a maximum of 6 people, which is one of the attributes of luxury. Three cabins, very large, and simply the choice of a third bathroom or a huge galley.

In the latter case the cordon bleu pantry is three metres long with an XXL worktop and dishwasher. In both cases it is well set up for the gte and the large column refrigerator is ideally placed transversely. The very gentle 40 descent is also very wide and allows you to cross it.

Le carré du First Yacht 53
The saloon of First Yacht 53
La cuisine du First Yacht 53
The galley of First Yacht 53

A rethought distribution of space

Carré du First Yacht 53
First Yacht Square 53
Coin repas du First Yacht 53
First Yacht 53 dining area

The large width of five metres is used to benefit from very easy circulation everywhere on board. At the bottom of this wide companionway, the living areas have been pushed back along the sides to create a very pleasant empty central space.

The table, which will seat seven people, with its extension, is also placed transversely, which indicates that you will have to wait until the anchorage to take meals. But that's a good thing, because the performance promises to be quick. On the other side, and after a large shower room which serves the two aft cabins, a real saloon with a coffee table and sofa invites you to relax and even unwind.

With one part of the crew seated at the table, the other on the sofas, there is free circulation in the centre, even with around ten people in this saloon, which is in fact rather triangular in shape.

Salle de bain
Vue depuis la descente dans le carré du First Yacht 53
View from the companionway in the saloon of First Yacht 53

Ship control replaces the chart table

Navigation sur mobile
Mobile navigation

Our eye immediately notices the total absence of a chart table, which at first glance seems radical, but this is without counting on the "Shipcontrol" system developed by the French manufacturer in collaboration with electronic instrument companies for its vessels over 50 feet.

With this interface, you can view data and control all onboard functions - except the autopilot - from the screens on the helm consoles or inside if necessary, but also with your tablet or phone. Its information and maps can be fed back to an optional TV in-dash display.

In order to secure the unit, and if your instrument panel or pocket instruments fail, the digital and analog control panels are immediately accessible behind an opening panel. Secondly, access to the technical connections is centralized for rapid intervention.

Commandes digitales
Digital controls
Accès aux connections techniques
Access to technical connections

A very modern and luminous atmosphere

Cabine avant
Forward cabin

The large hull portholes, inducted into the Ocanis range, illuminate a two-tone joinery finish. The Teak or Oak in Alpi is enhanced by matt white lacquered panels. The lighting with LEDs subtly placed below the furniture and behind certain panelling accentuates, with the available volume, the feeling of space and well-being.

The cabin bedding, as well as the sofa seating, has been carefully developed to achieve a level of comfort worthy of a larger yacht. Storage is well organised in each cabin, but the sacrosanct oilskin cupboard is still missing and some offshore sailors may regret that the catalogue does not offer the alternative of a Breton bed in the forward cabin.

De nombreux rangements
Numerous storage spaces
Coin détente
Relaxation corner
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