Leopard 42, the comfort of a 45-foot sailing catamaran in a 42-footer

To replace the Leopard 40, the South African manufacturer Robertson & Caine will launch the Leoprd 42 at the Miami Boat Show in February 2021. Presented in France at La Grande-Motte in April 2021, this new sailing catamaran is inspired by the larger models and gains a new lounge area on the roof.

The bigger Leopard 40 replacement

Leopard Catamarans, in partnership with the design teams Robertson & Caine and Simonis & Voogd Yacht Design, presents the Leopard 42, its new sailing catamaran.

While it replaces the Leopard 40 as the smallest model in the range, it is inspired by the Leopard 45 and 50. With this model, the South African manufacturer is thus moving up the range and bridging the gap between the 40 and 45. The boat is therefore more spacious, with a better defined exterior, an additional relaxation area and larger, more comfortable cabins.

Leopard 42
Leopard 42

A catamaran inspired by the biggest models

The exterior design - inspired by the Leopard 50 - has evolved to become more modern. It features continuous side windows along the hull and a one-piece hardtop roof that contrasts with the glass. The hulls are now equipped with a step and a straight bow. The interior design is inspired by the Leopard 53 Powercat and gains in indirect lighting.

With an additional lounge area on the helm station, the Leopard 42 gains an extra 5m2 of space dedicated to relaxation. It will thus be possible to enjoy the L-shaped saloon with its fixed table at anchor.

"For a catamaran of this size, the aim was to introduce a lounge that 'fits' into the design without adding too much weight. By integrating the geometry of the lounge on the roof, we were able to obtain a space that does not weigh the boat down" explains Michael Robertson, chief designer of the Leopard 42, Robertson & Caine.

Espace lounge sur le roof
Lounge area on the roof

An additional lounge area

Access to this space on the roof is via a staircase on the port side of the cockpit, which does not encroach on the aft cockpit height or the helm station. The latter is fully protected and located on the starboard side, as on all Leopard Catamarans. All manoeuvres return to it to allow single-handed navigation. Thus placed high up, the skipper has a direct view of the lounge, the aft cockpit, the bows and skirts, as well as the mainsail.

Cockpit du Leopard 42
Cockpit of the Leopard 42

A bright and comfortable interior

The interior is brightened by the skylight and 360° glazing. At the rear, the forward-facing sofa communicates directly with the U-shaped kitchen. There is also the characteristic watertight front door for better ventilation and easy circulation.

In the skirts, the forward and aft cabins offer double beds accessible from both sides and larger than on the Leopard 40. As a result, the floor area has been increased by 35% in the guest cabins and by 30% in the owner's cabin. The long continuous glazing along the hull as well as the addition of portholes maximizes the entry of natural light.

Each cabin now has its own shower room - a major advantage over the Leopard 40 where the two guest cabins shared a central shower room.

Coin salon
Lounge area
Cuisine installée à l'avant
Front installed kitchen

Performance that's always there

While the development of this new model has focused on creating more space, windows and openings, performance also remains a priority, as naval architect Alex Simonis explains. "We spend a lot of time fine-tuning the rigging geometry and sail plan to increase efficiency. At the same time, the continuous refinement of the hull and appendage design allows us to create a more seaworthy and agile catamaran."

Version 4 cabines
4 cabin version
Version cabine propriétaire
Owner's cabin version

Standard rate: 389,000 euros (excl. VAT)

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