Interview / Choose your towable buoy with Uship

What better way to have fun on the water than playing sports nautiques?? For young and old alike, the towable buoy allows you to enjoy the sensations of speed, pulled by a boat. Uship offers several models and explains how to enjoy them.

Choosing the right towable buoy

Before having fun on the water aboard a towable buoy, you have to go through the choice box. Uship offers many models in various shapes, for one, two or three people, easy to transport, store and use.

But how do you choose bon?? Several criteria are to be taken into account and depend on your use:

  • Capacity
  • Form
  • Color
  • Rigidity
  • Place of use
Bouée tractable Uship
Uship towable buoy

Using the towable buoy properly

Once you've made your choice of model, you'll be able to enjoy a lot of sensations, but only if you respect a few rules. Indeed, this activity can be dangerous without taking into account the skills and physical fitness of the user. But it can also be dangerous for others.

Thus, it will be necessary to practice beyond the 300 m coastal strip in areas where there are few people and above all safe.

Towed at the back of the boat, difficult to communicate between users and pilot. Remember to define simple signs to understand each other: speed up, slow down, stop, etc. Also plan for a passenger to watch the activity.

Bouée tractable Uship pour 4 personnes
Uship towable buoy for 4 people

Rules for buoy users to follow

- Don't overestimate your strengths or your taste for thrills.

- Wear a lifejacket with a buoyancy of 50 N and Division 240 compliance

- Hold on to the handles and keep the same position

- Do not slide with limb under the buoy or the traction system

- Respect the maximum number of users on the buoy. The practice of towable buoys is forbidden to children under 6 years old.

Finally, beware of shocks if there are several of you on the buoy.

Bouée tractable Uship
Uship towable buoy

But also for the crew

Make sure that you are at least two on board and that you are old enough to have a boat licence (16 years old). One will pilot the boat and the other will watch the passengers from the buoy. The boat must carry a 2 m long orange flame, placed so that it is clearly visible to other boats on the water.

Do not exceed the speed limit of 32 km/h for adults and 24 km/h for children.

Attach the buoy to the boat with a specific releasable rope (and therefore equipped with a carabiner) between 15 and 25 m long and not elastic. Uship offers specific Obrien ropes for this use.