OneSails, lightweight and connected membranes

OneSails offers ultra-light laminated sails, but also connected! Embedding a microchip, they can reveal their secret throughout their lives.

OneSails has developed a particularly innovative process for the construction of membrane sails. These are membranes in an ultra-high polyethylene module called Multi Micro Structure (MMS).

Vacuum polymerized

OneSails, which has filed a patent for this revolutionary product, will market it under the name 4T Forte. This composite structure includes polyethylene fibers that eliminate the use of Mylar and glue. These components are often synonymous with delamination. If the membrane components no longer separate, this increases the service life and the shape of the sail remains stable. But in addition, the sail is also much lighter!

The structural core is made of polyethylene fibers that support tensions, while oriented microlayers provide strength in secondary directions.

Using a microlayer structure, the membrane elements are fused together in a vacuum polymerized matrix, giving a stable, resistant and durable sail. By removing both glue and mylar film, these sails are significantly lighter than conventional membrane sails.

OneSails 4T Forte

Green sails

The use of the latest 4T Forte technology reduces the weight of the sails by 5 to 10% (for racing sails) and by 30% for a cruising sail! In addition, durability is increased by 300% compared to sails currently offered by competitors.

In addition, the materials used for the construction of the sails are all fully recyclable. A benefit for the planet!

OneSails 4T Forte

Connected to monitor maintenance

In addition to this membrane construction technology, this sailmaker also offers to equip the sails with a chip incorporated in the membrane. This chip records all data on the use of the sail. The information is displayed on a smartphone indicating to the browser: the number of hours of UV exposure, the number of hours of use, the highest voltages, the number of transfers... Data that are important for maintenance.