Special Edition / Pulleys for jewellery, discover the Latitude 46 bracelets

© Sylvie Curty

You are looking for a jewel that will prolong your pleasure of being at sea. The Latitude 46 bracelets, with their pulley as a symbol, offer you their marine DNA. An idea to put on all wrists, whether or not they are those of a sailor.

Philippe created his jewelry line to offer an alternative to the traditional marine anchor. Indeed, this professional from La Rochelle in the watchmaking and jewellery trades is a yachting enthusiast. In search of an atypical piece of jewellery, he couldn't find the right shoe for him and decided to launch his own collection. It's 2018 and it's quite naturally around the pulley, the symbol of sailing that he imagines a bracelet.

The pulley for symbol

Bracelet Latitude 46

The pulley is made from 7 individually machined steel elements which then undergo surface treatments. Thus the steel will have a polished, brushed, black or pink gold appearance. The cord comes from a French rope factory. It is a 2.5 mm diameter polyester rope that is then quilted to create the bracelet.

For all wrists

Bracelet Latitude 46

While the pulley is available in 4 finishes (all steel, black and steel, steel and black or steel and pink gold), the cord is available in more than 15 colours. Assembly and seamanship are entirely carried out in La Rochelle.

Genuine mechanical part

Bracelet Latitude 46

The pulley is the aesthetic and technical part of the bracelet, and even if it remains a detail, its sheave works like a real pulley!

Thanks to the different declinations of materials and colours, the "Pulley" bracelet can be adapted to both male and female wrists. Its drawstring mounted with slip knots is adjustable to the size of the wrist.

A great gift idea

Bracelet Latitude 46

The bracelet is now available for 69 euros, an affordable price to make a gift. And if you wish, you also have the possibility to have a message engraved on it ... why not the name of your boat ...